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Niwwrd creative lab is working on experimental design in different dimensions of design. From abstract concepts to simple, everyday products, we've been inspired by nature and culture over the years.
Our inspiration comes from history, natural processes (dynamic interaction with materials) as well our unique aesthetic style – that shows all elements within minimalism are interconnected but integrated into one whole system - therefore creating an inclusive harmony between each item!   This minimalist approach also influences social justice movements such as those who support environmental awareness, animal rights, health care for animals.     The goal is to create products designed without compromise or sacrificing quality so any customer can see their vision come through every step of creation.

We are also providing a source for the upcoming designers to get inspired by the designs published on our creative platform. We encourage you and help you in shaping your own future, as well!

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Harshwardhan Nehra

Founder | Content curator

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Pravin Gaikwad

Design Odyssey Founder | Mentor | Exterior Designer

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Jayendra Singh Tomar

Content Creator | Transportation Designer

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