Polestar Vasa by Yong Kang Son | #polestardesigncontest2021 | Student category

A bike-like vehicle and display which enables a virtual, high-performance driving experience.

Many of today’s future mobility design ideas focus on how autonomous cars will unlock new opportunities to travel without having to drive. This design, from student designer Yongkang Son, responds to this scenario, enabling people to have a thrilling high-speed driving experience they may otherwise not be able to realise, doing so virtually.

Polestar Vasa combines a physical bike-like vehicle, sat on with feet either forward or rearward, that levitates using electromagnetic suspension like today’s Maglev trains, with a virtual journey experienced through a wrap-around display.

In a world where the visceral pleasure of high-performance driving may no longer be possible, Vasa presents a new form of high-performance vehicle that doesn’t actually move. It could be part of a change in behaviour that enables a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, while potentially elevating the excitement of high-performance driving.

Polestar Vasa by @4140_nos Son finalist for the #polestardesigncontest2021 student category.