Polestar Trambus by Jung Kim (김정현) | #polestardesigncontest2021 | Student category

A re-envisioning of both bus and tram, and our relationship to public transportation.

Today, buses and trams have drivers. In the future, these vehicles may be autonomous, which could then unlock the potential for a new form of “trambus”. Student designer Jeong Hyun Kim envisions Trambus as a vehicle consisting of carriages that can operate independently or when joined together. No driver would be needed, and each carriage would have independent power and control. Services could depart from a city-centre transport hub as a conjoined series of carriages and then separate into single carriages to enable passengers to reach different locations away from the city centre.

As well as suggesting a new type of vehicle, Trambus reflects the shift in how people use public transportation in the digital age, with a flexible interior design that enables travellers to sit, stand, or even using a standing desk.

Through its use of form, graphics, and text design, Trambus shows the potential for a more modern and desirable form of public transport, and how a progressive brand like Polestar could be part of this.

Polestar Trambus by @_junghyunkim finalist for the #polestardesigncontest2021 student category.