Polestar Smart Delivery by Subha Kundu | #polestardesigncontest2021 | Student category

An autonomous delivery vehicle on an entirely new level.

Parcels today are hand-delivered by drivers to homes or office buildings. In the future, with the advent of autonomous delivery vehicles, customers will likely retrieve their parcels directly from a delivery vehicle. This new format will have vehicles that directly face the customer, meaning they will need to be intuitive to use. They’ll also need a heightened level of design quality compared to today’s vans. The Polestar Smart Delivery pod by student designer Subha Kundu imagines just such a scenario.

Designed as an autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle that re-envisions the delivery van, this design features storage modules that slide out at the rear of the vehicle, notifications on all sides to communicate with the user, and an aesthetic aligned with Polestar that presents an elevated level of quality.

Being a new customer touchpoint that requires a higher level of design. Polestar Smart Delivery shows the potential for design-lead brands like Polestar to be part of the future of autonomous delivery vehicles.

Polestar Smart Delivery by @kundusubha446 finalist for the #polestardesigncontest2021 student category.