Polestar KOJA by Kristian Talvitie | #polestardesigncontest2021 | Student category

A small building which reduces the need for travel while also bringing people closer to nature.

While it is easy to focus on important technologies that will shape future travel, the world is also recognising the imperative to travel less. This response to the climate crisis may have an even greater bearing on the future of mobility, and how we live, than innovations in vehicle design.

Embracing this need to reduce travel is KOJA from student designer Kristian Talvitie. It’s not a vehicle, but a new form of a small building in a tree canopy that provides a rich, immersive experience in a natural environment. This makes it more accessible for people who otherwise would need to travel far to experience the wilderness.

The design maximises the treetops view with a panoramic glazed aspect and minimises ecological impact with a space-efficient, low resource-use design. Fundamentally, it encourages a positive change in society, helping to reduce travel.

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