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Polestar Atom by Siva | #polestardesigncontest2021| Professional category

Vertical take-off and landing craft of elegant simplicity.

Interest in vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft is growing, but few prototypes have realised the simplicity of designer Size Shanker’s Polestar Atom, which takes inspiration from classic gyroscopes.

It is a central passenger pod featuring two simple wrap-around seats. It’s gimballed to keep it constantly level, as the surrounding tri-rotor chassis pitches and rolls when the vehicle is accelerating and moving.

The flight will always be an energy-intensive mode of transport. With battery technologies constantly developing, there is increasing the potential for a small, elegant VTOL craft designed to make journeys far more efficient than in today’s fossil fuel-powered light aircraft. Atom shows how this might be.

Polestar Atom by @siva493 finalist for the #polestardesigncontest2021

For the professional category.

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