Nike Drops Air Max 95 in “Ironstone” Colorway

Nike dropped its new Air Max 95 "Ironstone" colourway, adding a cross-section overlay to the upper for the added surface.

  • Name- Nike Air Max 95 Ironstone

  • Colourway- Ironstone/Celery-Cave Stone-Olive Grey

  • Release Date- January 19, 2022

  • Style Code- DR0146-001

  • Retail Price- $180

This new emphasis highlights earthy coloured calfskin at the toe and a layered inclination network overlay across the sideboards, differentiated by yellow eyelets, fresh, white bands, and a stout elastic sole. A yellow swoosh close to the heel finishes the set.

The Air Max 95 sprung up through designer Sergio Lozano who put together the generally promoted outline with respect to the complexness of human life systems. The Ironstone set gestures to this set of experiences, nearly imitating filaments of human muscle through a hemp-like texture folded over the upper.

The striations across the sideboards and eye stay honour Lozano's previous AM95 discharges, manufacturing a spine-like design into the shoe's general DNA. The textural highlights assist with hoisting the generally nonpartisan shading plan - a refined takeoff from the mark neon colourway that is seen north of 10 cycles in the beyond twenty years.

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