MAKKA a solution for urban mobility presented by Polestar and Cake.

Car queues, crowded subways, occupied parking lots and poor air quality – the list of problems with mobility in cities is growing, a realization which recently has some governments reacting. With these recent developments as a backdrop, Polestar and CAKE are now releasing a new and unique electric mobility bundle that combines the all-around road capabilities of the Polestar 2 with the inner-city convenience of the CAKE Makka.

This initiative is the next step in our brand collaboration and it gives us a chance to tackle broader mobility challenges. The lightweight bike connects with Polestar 2 via an ‘umbilical cord’ that allows it to charge from our car, ready to tackle inner cities as well as have fun off-road, says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.


Our new electric mobility bundle comes as a unique first step to solve the worldwide problems of city mobility as well as to accelerate the transition towards an emissions-free future. Instead of wasting time in a car queue, struggling to find a parking spot or squashing up in a crowded subway train, we together with the team at Polestar want to make the future of mobility flexible, accessible and emission-free - while aiming to create cities for people, not for cars that pollute, says CAKE’s CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn.

Makka is a lightweight state-of-the-art machine with its emphasis on power to weight ratio, easiness of riding, reach, efficiency carrying stuff and durability making it the ultimate tool for clean, short-haul transportation and commuting.

Makka Polestar edition by CAKE

Polestar / CAKE