Glad To Be Dirty by Mingwei Liu | #polestardesigncontest2021 | Student category

A car that tackles local pollution with on-board, on-display filters.

Historically, the car has been a source of local pollution. While electric cars have addressed this by having zero tailpipe emissions, this design, by student designer Mingwei Liu, seeks to go one step further by filtering the air it drives through to remove harmful particulates and to show off this capability with literally dirty filters. Hence the name: “Glad To Be Dirty”.

The design is a small, simple geometric car with and an architectural take on the Polestar design vocabulary, and a core side panel that then displays the progressively dirty air filter, displaying how much the car is cleaning the environment as it goes, and allowing the user to feel proud of driving a dirty car.

Local pollution, particularly in crowded cities, is a major health hazard. This design encourages people to embrace the process of cleaning the air, making a difference to the quality of their shared environment.

Glad To Be Dirty by @mingweiiiiiiii finalist for the #polestardesigncontest2021 student category.