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1st Design Odyssey Internship Program Concluded on 29th Nov 2020

Work scenarios have changed worldwide & design students working alongside experienced industry experts in the physical setup is yet to resume their routine.

Design Odyssey with support of expert mentors from the Indian car designers community conducting first of kind online internship program for aspiring Automotive Design students to keep the momentum of the industry & nurture new design talent

Design Odyssey Internship's Goal is to nurture upcoming talent and share essential knowledge and skills to participants for their future endeavours in Automotive Design.

this year's program has been hugely successful and achieved results even with Virtual interactions. We really appreciate the Countless efforts by all the Participants and Mentors for the Past Three Months. It has been a fun-filled experience for all of us.


Here Participants have shared their project journey as they Experienced it. Starting With Hyundai India Design Studio Internship, Mentors tried to Simulate Virtual Studio with a seamless feedback loop & Environment by Creating a Group of participants Working alongside and competing for the best Results and sharing ideas & knowledge.

We Go Above and Beyond


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Expert Mentoring & knowledge sharing  & community Feedback on the assigned task will be gathered and rated for innovation and quality of work . & Project progression will be decided by mentors.


Upon successful completion of internship program will be certified for further recommendations to various educational & Design entity's.

Meet our Mentors


Exterior Designer at Hyundai


Exterior Designer at Hyundai

Snehal Pawar

CMF Designer at Hyundai



4 weeks

  • In the creative phase, mentors will assess existing work to help understand participants' strengths & areas of improvement.

  • Based on the assessment, mentors will assign short design project activity and share techniques to prepare the participant for a long project & also discuss the possible design brief.


2 weeks

  • Participants will prepare a well-researched design brief & present analysis for mentors' feedback.

  • At the end of this phase, the final brief needs to be presented to mentors before the actual ideation/sketching phase begins.


4 weeks

  • Participants are encouraged to explore and channelize their own development style considering mentors’ feedback

  • This phase also expects participants to deep dive into the actual design with ideation/sketching/mood board preparation.

  • Review of assigned design work to be presented to the mentors for feedback at the end of the week.


4 weeks

  • In the creative phase, mentors will assess existing work to help understand participants' strengths & areas of improvement.

  • Based on the assessment, mentors will assign short design project activity and share techniques to prepare the participant for a long project & also discuss the possible design brief.


Dream is a dream alone,Dream together is reality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Design odyssey mentorship is affiliated or sponsored by any automotive company?

No, Design odyssey mentorship is not affiliated or sponsored by any automotive company. It is only mentorship by industry experienced designers in their individual capacity.

Can Design odyssey mentorship become an internship with any automotive company?

It is possible. You have to request your mentor. She/he can take discuss your internship request with their design Studio. However, in case your internship request is not accepted the mentors are not responsible for the same.

What is the role of a mentor in this mentorship program?

Every mentor only acts as a guide to your design project. Give you feedback on your work. The experience is the same as working in the design studio. However this is not a design workshop, the design student must have requisite skills to complete his project.

Is this a paid mentorship program?

Yes, The mentorship is paid. The mentors here invest their time in giving your accurate feedback. Make sure your project direction is industry-relevant. The program believes in the respect the experience of mentor and the exchange of knowledge and experience to passionate individuals.

What is the role and responsibility of design students in this program?

Design students must cultivate the habit of self-motivation. Also, prepare time plan for their projects. Set deadlines for each design gate before proceeding to the next stage. Inside industry designers manage their work and timelines by themselves. It is important for young design students to experience this throughout the program.

What if a design student is not able to meet the expectations of the mentors?

At the beginning of the program, Creative phase month is kept for assessing the design student skills and thinking methods. Mentors can assess the ability of the student before extending the complete program. In case the design student is unable to match the expectations, mentors will politely ask them to quit the program.

Do I get a certificate at the end of this program?

Yes, you do get a certificate at the end of this program. A personal assessment sheet about how your mentors feel about your work. In case your mentor feels your work is exceptional, you will be provided with a recommendation letter.

What do design students get in this mentorship program?

Good guidance and teamwork is the key to any design project. Your mentors can put you in touch with many designers in the industry. It will be convenient for future opportunities.

Can I have multiple mentors at a time?

No, It is recommended to have more focus while choosing your mentors.

Can I publish the work that is mentored in the program?

Yes you can do it. However, your project has to be published with an individual capacity if it is not affiliated or sponsored by the automotive design company.

What if the design student isn’t convinced with the design direction given by the mentor during the program?

Welcome to the real world. Convince your mentor, build a case, take his positive inputs for the project, and Show your work again.

Why Design Odyssey internship?

Design Odyssey mentors are well versed with industry experience. and they know exactly what it takes to be a successful professional designer.

Is this a hands-on Skill enhancement course?

NO. It's not a course .this program is initiated to help passionate design talent to reach their potential, in ways its not possible in formal Educational setup.